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Video game amusement machine equipment repair maintenance methods skills

2020-04-03 17:26:32

Many customers often call to ask about the repair maintenance methods of video game equipment. Today, I will teach you several methods techniques for maintaining video game equipment:

General maintenance methods for video game amusement machines:

Site working environment: room temperature, dust, power supply voltage, water, fire source, tokens, etc. Because the main material composition of the electronic game machine is hardware, plastic, wood, acrylic electronic parts, electronic circuit boards, power switches, transformers, display screens, coin acceptors, lottery machines, etc. The electronic part is the core of the device, with many complex related factors, it is an important main part of the device.


Electronic components are required to work in a constant temperature, dry, wind-proof, well-ventilated state in order to operate normally extend the aging period. Room temperature: It is recommended that the operating site have a constant temperature: 28-32℃ in summer; 25-28℃ in winter is appropriate At this temperature, the humidity dryness of the site can be guaranteed energy can be saved. The large temperature difference between indoor outdoor, high humidity, affecting the humidity of the site, short circuit of electronic circuits that cause dust contamination, cause the machine to burn out.

Dust: If there is too much dust the dust is cleaned in time, it will cause the electronic circuit to short circuit after being damp. Therefore, the site should be forbidden to smoke the entrance exit of the site should be kept clean to prevent dust entering, keep dry ventilated. Power supply voltage: The fluctuation of the field input power supply voltage is the natural enemy of electronic game machines.

The fluctuation of the power supply voltage can cause the screen interference. The power supply voltage of the original electronic components changes greatly, causing non-working wrong instructions crashes; in severe cases, the power supply, motherboard, LED, LCD, PC, etc. will be burned out, causing unrecoverable equipment failures. Therefore, when placing the machine on the site, check the power supply voltage. Most power supplies for game consoles must be controlled within the range of AC 212-228V 50HZ. Due to the complex input power supply of the game field, the total input power voltage can meet the requirements. However, due to a drop in the conductivity of a power line a heavy load, the local power supply voltage may be too low. Therefore, the input power supply voltage of each machine must be around 220V. Water fire sources: Water fire sources contacting staying in machinery equipment will cause irreversible losses even lead to serious accidents. Therefore, consumers’ beverages, mineral water, smoking fires must be strictly controlled to prevent Before it happens.

Tokens: The clean state damage of the tokens have a significant impact on the game console. Unclean, severe damage deformation of the tokens will lightly affect the coin slot working, be regarded as counterfeit coins; in severe cases: it will cause crashes affect Consumers’ mood, causing unnecessary conflicts among consumers, should be cleaned screened regularly.


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