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Teach you how to correctly place the amusement machine equipment

2020-04-03 17:25:52

How to arrange the amusement machine equipment to attract customers? Next, the Nitto amusement machine manufacturer will teach you how to correctly place the amusement machine equipment.

1. For some children who like to play, the equipment that has just been introduced in the park, it should be placed in a conspicuous position, so as to increase popularity make the newly-introduced equipment be known to more tourists.


2. There should be sufficient space between adjacent amusement machines to prevent children being injured due to excessive movements during playing. In addition, they can also put some seats, potted plants, etc. in these places. On the one hand, it allows the accompanying parents to have a place to rest, on the other hand, seeing green plants can also make people feel very good.

3. When placing amusement equipment, try to put the same types of amusement equipment together, but think about placing other types, such as rotating trajectory, together, puzzle sports Putting the class together, so that it can only exercise the body but also puzzle the mind, it will better attract tourists. It can also make the whole park look clear at a glance, the planning contrast is clear, it gives people a feeling of contrast relaxation.


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