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Know what documents are required to open a game hall?

2020-04-03 17:23:31


The game hall is a beautiful name. It used to be a fond memory of the children born in the 70s 80s. For the game hall in that era, it was a favorite place for children. Today, the game hall has its own style. Many friends who want to open a game hall may want to know what documents are required to open a game hall. Below, let’s introduce to the children's amusement machine manufacturers the issue of the documents that need to be applied for opening a game hall.

  Everything is difficult at the beginning. It is the same if you want to invest in a video game arcade. For those who are just entering the industry, there may be a lot of trouble in obtaining a license. So what credentials do you need to open a game arcade?

It’s very profitable to open a game arcade in a video game city. Many people have the idea of opening a video game city. But if you want to do a long-term stable business of children’s amusement arcades, the following documents can be prepared. Later operation is very helpful.

  The main certificates for opening the game hall are as follows:

  1, the cultural market management office of the cultural department handles the entertainment venue license;

  2, the public security fire department handles the fire protection license;

  3. The anti-epidemic station of the health department applies for a health permit;

  4, the public security department handles special industry licenses;

  5, the industrial commercial department handles the business license;

  6. The local taxation department handles the business license business license;

  7, the taxation department handles tax registration;



The general steps of the game hall application are as follows:

   1. First, go to the industrial commercial department to obtain the "Name Pre-approval Notice" (to determine the name of your gaming city), at the same time consult the industrial commercial department, tell them your gaming city operating area, see if you need to handle fire protection.

2. Go to the local county (district) level with the original copy of the "Name Pre-approval Notice" other materials (property certification documents of the business premises copies of the lease contract, ID card copy, etc.) The cultural department applied for the "entertainment business license",

   If you need to do fire fighting, at the same time go to the local county (district) level fire protection bureau to apply for the "Fire Inspection Qualification Opinion"

Both certificates need to be inspected on site. It is recommended to ask the above-mentioned departments to guide how to decorate, ask clearly what are the requirements, how to install the fire protection system, etc., otherwise you have to do it again after the decoration does meet the requirements, that would be bad .

  3. Complete the "Entertainment Business License" the "Fire Inspection Qualification Opinion" (if necessary), go to the industrial commercial department to apply for the "Business License".

General information: photo of my ID, ID card copy, real estate certification documents of the shop (copy of real estate certificate copy of land certificate, etc.), lease contract copy, original copy of "Entertainment Business License" The original copy of the "Fire Inspection Qualification Opinion" (if necessary),

  4. Within 30 days of obtaining the business license, go to the local taxation national tax authorities to apply for the "Tax Registration Certificate". The business license, real estate certification documents, lease contract, ID card photocopy are required.


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